The Assassin is a fast, but lightly equipped opponent. Due to the number of upgrades that this bot can take, he can quickly become a deadly adversary. Because of his human-like form, he does not have any turning penalty.
Put simply, the Battle Droid is a fighting machine. It can carry a large number of weapons, and is reasonable easy to control.
The Crusher is a ship loading dock support robot that can double as a tank. With a high strength, and large number of heavy hardpoints, this beast can do a lot of damage in a short amount. That's assuming you can get this lumbering beast in place...
The Cutter is a utility robot that prepares product for shipping out. In the CyberDox conflict, you'll find this guy arming up with multiple light weapons, and perhaps even an upgrade.
The Fixits are clusters of small robots, who's primary task is to make repairs when the ship suffers damage. They also do a pretty darn good job of bringing the battle to the enemy, assuming you can get their attention long enough to send orders!
This odd robot may seem out of place, but the Magnatroid can actually be quite useful. Completely immune to EMP bursts, this guy might be your only salvation when all of the others are rebooting.
The Rammer is simply that: a Ram. With a great move distance (though crummy turn penalty), and strength, you can deliver a crushing blow before the enemy knows what hit them. Mount a missile launcher on this guy, and you've got a winning combination!

The Seeker is essentially the "heavy" Assassin model, with wings. With hardpoints for both light and heavy weapons, as well as an ability to move around on the outside of the ships, this guy can give you the sneak attack you need to turn the battle in your favor!