The corridor is the glue that makes your station stick together. These dox provide nothing more than a floor to move across.
Humans are essential to the proper functioning of your CyberDox station, and the Barracks is the way you bring them on board. Keep care of this dox, or you'll quickly lose control of your army!
Every CyberDox station needs a Bridge, because this is the only way to communicate orders to your bots. Each functioning Bridge, with at least one living human deployed, provides an additional D6 of order points to spend.
The conduit connects one CyberDox station to another. Every station's got them, and its the only way to cross between. Get used to it.
The Factory is the source of your army. Lose these, and you'll get no reinforcements. Put humans in them, and you'll have more control over the kinds of bots you can create.
The Gun Shop is your primary location for weapons. Visit often to pick up the latest death dealing devices.
In a normal situation, Engineering is the place to go for tools to repair the station. In a wartime scenario, however, there are plenty of things here that can be rigged to cause destruction, or protect your bot.
Some of the bots need a little extra to make them worthy of battle, and this is just the place to get it. From targeting lasers, to shield tuners, to different kinds of batteries, your bot will be able to get just what they need.
So your neighbors are starting a lot of bonfires in your cargo bay? It's time to hit the Fire Station, and pick up some Fire Gear! Here you'll find a number of tools for fighting those pesky fires, so be sure to pick some gear up early in the game, or you'll be get burned.
Depending on your perspective, these areas can either help you greatly, or be the biggest sore in your side. Use them to your advantage, or destroy them quickly to prevent easy access to your CyberDox Station.
If you are running low on the ammo, this is the place to go for more. Each bot can reload one weapon of their choice at these squares.
What if your bot is just a bit weak on the juice? Get it a recharge of course, and have all the energy you need for delivering serious pain to the other side.
Sometimes you'll find that you need ops on the outside, and there's only one way to get there. The shuttle bay is a direct connection to the space outside your station, and is your strategic back door.
If your enemy gets to the ship destruct switch while your command posts are empty, then you've only got a few turns to survive. There's no turning THIS one off!