Every bot has an Antenna already, but this one is new and improved! Install this, and the signals will be clearer, and the bot will be more willing to respond.
When in doubt, stick more metal on them. This specialized plating will not only give the bot more protection against incoming attacks, but improve its ability to cause damage when ramming!
Though every bot starts with one of these, an extra battery never hurt. Keep your powered weapons happy!
Though there are very few of these to be found, they can be critical to protecting your bots from long range attack.
These bots were built for working, not fighting, so it goes without saying that they suck when it comes to moving around the station. Install a few more gears, and you'll find that even the slowest bots can whip around corners like a new corvette!
If you are lucky enough to find one of these, be warned: though you've got all the power you need, anytime you need it, there is a slight chance that this crudely built thing will explode, and that's not a good thing.
With the appropriate equipment, any bot can ram the enemy. This spiked plate, applied to the appropriate location, can give you the extra push you were looking for!
With a little TLC, that shield generator you are carrying around can really prove its worth. This upgrade doubles the total shield defense capability of your bot.
The targeting computer can turn the Assassin bot into a killing machine. Since the effect is cumulative, you can quickly become a sharpshooter!