Grenade Launcher anyone? This weapon can deliver several different types of grenades, from fire to slime, to cause your opponent all kinds of grief.
A powerful weapon, with excellent range. A must for the Battle Droid in your family!
The smaller brother to the Heavy Laser, still sports excellent range, but only half the punch.
Where the Grenade Launcher can cause grief, the missile launcher can cause mayhem. Several different types of missiles give you great destruction at a great range.
What's a war game without a machine gun, even if we are in space? The combustion mechanism for the bullets is contained, so this weapon will even work outside the station.
With an icky purple splatter, the Plasma Gun can make quick work of most bots. Be certain that any bot carrying one of these around is going to get rammed for sure!
A decent mid-powered weapon, with more range than the Machine Gun, you'll find that the Railgun meets your expectations for delivering out the beatings!